Australia is known for its warm weather. From hot Victorian and West Australian summers, to the year-round heat of the north, Australians are always searching for ways to keep cool when the mercury rises.

Cool Roof is one such way to keep cool and comfortable. This innovative paint, a product of clever geo-engineering, is a heat reflective, roof restoration membrane paint. It is a water based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters, and it’s ideal for metal or tiled roofs.

With excellent adhesion properties, Cool Roof is microporous, impervious to salt spray, resistant to airborne pollution and doesn’t promote mould or fungal growth. This durable product has been designed to handle the toughest conditions, meaning it won’t flake or peel. Whether you live by the ocean, up north or down south, Cool Roof is a long lasting product that delivers exceptional results, keeping your home cool on even the hottest days.

Quickwall’s Cool Roof Heat Reflective Paint

Cool Roof is available in a select range of colours to suit common roof tones, whether your roof is tiled or made from Colorbond. We recommend using a lighter shade, such as Quartz White, as this helps to deliver the best heat reflective results. However, Cool Roof is available in darker colours that still deliver excellent solar reflectance. Performance features include the following.

Reduces Roof Temperature

Reduces the underside roof temperature by up to 18 degrees Celsius. This leads to a cooler house in summer, with less reliance on air-conditioning, which also saves you money on your power bills.

Restores Roof Surfaces

Reduces pressure on roof fixings, screws and nails. Reduces expansion and contraction in metal sheeting and trusses, helping to eliminate associated noise. Helps to extend roof lifespan.

Superior Performance

Our Cool Roof heat reflective roof paint protects against harmful UV rays. It’s also resistant to flaking, peeling, water and pollution. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (materials only).

Eco-Friendly Product

Cool Roof certainly ticks the eco-friendly box. It reduces energy consumption on cooling and rainwater collected from the roof’s surface is perfectly safe. It’s better for you, your wallet and the environment.

How Does It Work / How Is It Applied?

Many people ask us how this product actually works. How can paint reduce the underside roof temperature by as much as 18 degrees?
Well, in a typical roofing system the sun creates heat build up on the outer surface of the roof, leading to heat transfer. The transferred heat causes the building’s interior to heat up; the interior roof space then remains warm long after the sun’s rays have lost their sting.

Many people use roofing insulation, such as pink bats, to combat this problem. This type of insulation certainly works to some extent; however it works by slowing down the transfer of heat rather than stopping it altogether. Conversely, Cool Roof actually works to block the infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. By stopping these rays before they enter the roof, it prevents heat build up at the source. This means you’ll remain cooler and more comfortable, without having to spend a fortune on electricity to run air conditioners.

Cool Roof Application

Cool Roof is quick and easy to apply, in fact, application can be completed in four simple steps. Step 1. The roof needs to be clean prior to application. Clean it with water via a high pressure cleaner and also treat any mould or algae with an appropriate product. Step 2. Prime the roof with Quickwall Primer, details of which can be found on our Specifications Page. Step 3. Using a roller or spray, apply the first coat of Cool Roof. Step 4. Using a roller or spray, apply the second coat of Cool Roof.

Cool Roof

4L, 10L & 20L pails

Cool Roof

200L drums

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