Quickwall specialises in the manufacture and supply of decorative and protective coatings that provide superior performance in Australia’s tough conditions. From the high humidity and heat of the tropics, to the scorching summers and dry, cold winters of the south, our coatings will stand the test of time, keeping your building looking great, for longer, with less maintenance.

If you’re building from scratch, or looking to breathe new life into old bricks, our cement and acrylic rendering is the ideal solution. Perfect for walls, columns and beams, it’s possible to achieve a variety of colours and textures, whilst ensuring a long lasting finish. If you need to create new walls as part of the job, our QuickClad insulating polystyrene cladding is an easy yet durable alternative to conventional materials.

Quickwall also has heat reflective paint, which will help to keep your building cool as the mercury rises. Our Cool Roof membrane paint is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your building. We also offer a great range of exterior paints that are 100% acrylic membranes, making them incredibly durable, with excellent crack bridging ability and weather resistance.

The Quickwall product range also includes a variety of waterproofing systems. Our high quality waterproofing membranes and mats are an ideal way to seal retaining walls below ground level, masonry surfaces prior to painting, and virtually any other areas that are prone to dampness. From renders to paint, our product range has Australia covered.

The Quickwall Product Range Of Architectural Applied Finishes

Whether you’re looking for cement or acrylic render, heat reflective roof paint, waterproofing membrane, exterior paint or polystyrene cladding, Quickwall is your company of choice. Catering to the construction industry and DIY renovators alike, we’re here to ensure your hard work lasts. To find out more about our range of decorative and protective coatings see below, or contact us on 1800 775 573 or service@quickwall.com.au

Cement Render

Our 2 Pack Flexible Polymer Cement has been used in locations across Australia and South-East Asia since 1974. It’s proven performance in temperatures which fluctuate between -30 to +30 degrees Celsius. Range of finishes available.

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Acrylic Render

Durable, attractive render finish with excellent flexibility. Developed in the early 1990s the Quickwall acrylic render has been tried and tested over two decades with excellent results. Wide range of colour tinting options.

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Exterior Paints & AquaSeal

AquaSeal is Quickwall’s premium membrane exterior paint, ideally suited as the finishing top coat for your render projects. Durable and flexible to withstand harsh tropical climates. Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

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QuickCrete is a spray down or trowel on concrete resurfacing system that will give your new or existing concrete a new look. Ideal for driveways, patios and pool surrounds. Also suitable for commercial applications, such as shopping centres.

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QuickClad is an expanded, polystyrene wall cladding system for new and existing buildings. QuickClad sheets come in standard sheet sizes and provide excellent insulation for those concerned with building sustainability.

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Cool Roof

Quickwall Cool Roof Heat Reflective paints are ideal for restoring old roofs and further insulating new ones. It’s a water-based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters. Ideal for metal or tiled roofs.

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Waterproofing Systems

Quickwall manufactures a range of waterproofing systems for above and below grade projects. These systems have a proven track record and have been used extensively throughout Queensland for over 25 years.

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Solvents & Sealers

These unique products provide superior protection for your exterior surfaces. Choose a solvent-based summer sealer, which delivers a high gloss, wet look. Or a water-based clear seal with a low sheen, matt finish. Easy to use.

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Trade Tools

As the specialists in the manufacture of renders, textured finishes, protective and decorative coatings, exterior paints and waterproofing systems, we have an extensive range of professional trade tools at competitive prices.

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Spec Sheets & MSDS

Quickwall are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of Specification Sheets and MSDS on all their products. For your convenience, we’ve consolidated these into one easy download location on our website.

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Application Guides

We’re pleased to provide easy to follow instructions on how to apply our products. These downloadable sheets cover applying a Quickwall coating system to cement sheets, painted surfaces and pre-cast concrete wall panels.

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Free Consultations & Advice

Quickwall is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business with our head office in Cairns, manufacturing plant in Brisbane and distribution points throughout Australia. Contact us today for more information on our products.

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Quickwall Guarantees Its Products

Quickwall guarantees its Mineral Based Cement Render for 10 years and Acrylic Render for 7, when applied by a Quickwall Approved Applicator and in accordance with Quickwall specifications. We also offer an extended 15 year warranty on a selected range of mineral coatings through application by approved applicators, when using our AquaSeal membrane paint to complete the system. Download your Warranty Registration form (in PDF format) here. Complete the relevant form/s and fax or post to Quickwall.

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Mineral Product Warranty Registration Form


Zero Lot Line Warranty Registration Form


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