Quickcrete (formally known as Quickwall Spray Tile) is a concrete resurfacing system that will give your new or existing concrete the look and feel of quality pavers, at a fraction of the cost. It’s an ideal way to add value and appeal to your property, creating a grand entrance to your home or workplace.

Quickcrete is a tough, durable product, making it ideal for a range of applications. This includes but is not limited to driveways, walkways, patios, hotels, pool surrounds, commercial areas, shopping villages and retail centres.

Choose from a variety of stencil designs such as brick, pavers or cobblestones, single or multi-colour options and finishes such as anti-slip, to suit your surrounds. Quickcrete is available in a range of 12 rich earthy pigments, to colour your concrete surface.

Quickcrete Concrete Resurfacing Stencils

Stencil 1

Stencil 2

Stencil 3

Stencil 4

Recommended Procedures For Quickcrete Application

Quickcrete is a polymer modified cementitious compound that is coloured using premium oxide colour additives. Our recommended application procedure is as follows.

  1. Water blast existing surface with a high pressure cleaner and treat any mould or algae, prior to applying Quickcrete. Good preparation is essential and will guarantee the best results. Any existing cracks or defects can be treated with Quickwall products, please refer to manufacturer’s specification.
  2. Apply Quickwall Primer using a heavy nap roller, direct from the pail and allow to dry.
  3. Using Quickcrete base coat diluted with a 2:1 (Water to Polymer ratio) solution, spray on the first coat using a texture hopper gun. Quickcrete is designed to be a thin film and thickness will vary due to the condition of the substrate. The Base coat is generally grey, but can be tinted using Quickcolour where required.
  4. Lay out selected stencil design, using Quicktape or selected stencils.
  5. Using Quickcrete Top Coat (White) tinted with a selected Quickcolour, spray on a second coat using the texture hopper gun. Various textures from low to high profile can be achieved, consult with individual applicators for details on finishes available.
  6. Remove stencil and tape. Thoroughly remove all loose cement particles using a broom or blower / vacuum.
  7. When completely dry, apply Quickwall QuickSeal solvent based sealer. For best results, 2 coats are recommended with reapplication after 18 months, to ensure a long lasting, stain-free surface.

Quickwall Primer

4L, 10L, 20L pails

Quickcrete Base Coat

20kg bags

Quickcrete Top Coat

20kg bags


1kg bags

Q.W. Polymer

4L, 10L, 20L pails

HiTech Sealer

20L pails only

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