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Quickwall’s Quickseal is a solvent borne clear sealer. Generally used for clear glazing exterior surfaces such as Quickwall QuickCrete, bricks, pavers, pre-coloured concrete concourses, walls, exposed aggregate finishes and spray on tiles to provide a protective coating and moisture barrier against the elements. This hi-tech summer sealer provides a high gloss, wet look finish.

Quickwall’s Clearseal is specially formulated and a breakthrough in liquid clear sealers. Clearseal is non-yellowing, easy to use, low odour, non-volatile and environmentally friendly. It is water reducible, hard wearing, imparts high water resistance, high impact ability, algae and fungi resistance. Recommended over Quickwall Coloured Cement Renders, this water based product has a low sheen, matt finish.


20L pails


10L & 20L pails

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