If you’re in search of a durable, attractive render finish with excellent flexibility, look no further than Quickwall’s range of acrylic products. Our Acrylic Quick Finishes have full industry warranties when applied by approved Quickwall applicators, giving you the peace of mind that you can rest assured the coating will look great and last for many years.

Whether you’re looking to render a new wall you have just built, or are planning to give an older house a new lease on life, our render products will not only provide superior surface protection, but will look fantastic now and into the future.

Developed in Australia’s wet tropics, Quickwall’s acrylic products are made to withstand the toughest conditions. These finishes were created in the 1990s and have been tried and tested over two decades, with excellent results. Whether you live on the coast and deal with salt spray, reside in the tropics and require a product that can withstand damp and humid conditions, or simply want an acrylic render that will outlast the rest, our acrylic Quick Finishes are the ideal solution.

Our Acrylic Render Coating / Texture Finishes

Quickwall’s acrylic rendering products are incredibly easy to apply and available in a range of texture finishes, as per below. They’re very fast drying; in fact, they dry in a matter of hours and can therefore often be painted or sealed just 48 hours after application. Since these products are designed to handle harsh tropical conditions, they can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, whether it’s 10 degrees or 40 degrees outside,

Quicksand Acrylic

Quick Fine Acrylic

Sandstone Acrylic

The Advantages Of Acrylic Rendering

There are a number of advantages to choosing Quickwall’s acrylic render products, these include ease of use, flexibility and being able to tint the render to a wide variety of colours. Primarily, the biggest advantage of using an acrylic render is the added flexibility you will achieve. Whilst our mineral based renders also have flexibility, they will not be as flexible as the premixed acrylic. For this reason we recommend them where you anticipate movement may occur, for example AC Sheeting over a steel frame will contract and expand so an Acrylic Render top coat in Quickwall is recommended.

Acrylic is a type of plastic and it is this plastic component that makes the render so flexible and strong. This type of render is far less likely to crack, or go drummy, even when the ground contracts and expands over time or as the seasons change. Acrylic render also forms a superior bond to the substrate, can be floated and finished almost immediately and dries to a highly durable finish. Quickwall acrylic finishes offer:

  • Great durability; they’re completely washable and won’t crack or go drummy as sand cement render often does.
  • Greater flexibility (e.g. for substrates such as AC sheeting).
  • A wide range of colour tinting options.
  • Superior bond to the substrate.
  • Easy application; no need for mixing, as you can use the product straight from the pail.


15L pails & 200L drums

Quick Trowel

15L pails & 200L drums


15L pails & 200L drums


10L, 20L pails & 200L drums

Stipple Tex:

10L, 20L pails & 200L drums

Fast Fine

15L pails & 200L drums


Our acrylic render is known for more than its longevity, it looks great as well! Quickwall’s acrylic render comes in a wide range of different tint options, meaning you’re sure to find a colour that suits the job in question.

Our products also span a wide range of textures; Quicksand, Quick Trowel, Sandstone and Quick Fine, delivering unique finishes that appeal to different styles. Whether you want something smooth and sleek, or a finish that provides a little bit of texture, there is a product to suit you and your property.

Incredibly waterproof, it’s also possible to wash our acrylic coatings, making it easier than ever before to remove dirt and dust that may accumulate over time. An aesthetically pleasing finish will add value to your property, making these products well worth the money. If you would like to know more about our products, get in touch with our friendly team on 1800 775 573.

Quickwall Acrylic Render Coating Frequently Asked Questions

What product do you recommend to trowel over Cement Sheeting?

Quickwall manufacture and recommend our Acrylic Texture Finishes eg: Acrylic Quicksand to be applied over Blue Board Cement Sheeting.

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