Trade Tools

Name Size Description
Marco Pesaro Aluminum Hawk300mm x 300mm & 330mm x 330mmPlasterers Hawk
Ancora Carbon Steel Trowel360mm x 120mmTexture coating trowel with soft grip handle.
Marshaltown Steel Trowel 460mm x 115mmSkimcoat coating trowel with soft grip handle
Marshaltown Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel360mm x 120mmStainless steel coating trowel MXS73SDH
Ancora Carbon Steel Trowel - Eccelsa Grip280mm x 120mmTexture coating trowel with soft grip handle PE1815324
OX Trade Finishing Trowel120mm x 365mmOx Carbon Steel Finishing Trowel
Ox Golden Steel Finishing Trowel127mm x 356mmStainless Steel Finishing Trowel
Ancora Marble Finishing Trowel280mm x 120mmAncora Stainless Steel Marble Finishing Trowel
Ancora Red Finishing Float280mm x 130mmBlack Plastic handle ART 817P
Ox Red Finishing Float280mm x 120mmBlue Rubber Handle
Ancora Transparent Plastic Finishing Float280mm x 130mmAncora Transparent Plastic Float
Ancora White Finishing Float280mm x 130mmAncora White Finishing Float Aluminum Shank With Rubber Handle
Ancora White Plastic Finishing Trowel280mm x 130mmPre Roughed Ancora White Plastic Finishing Trowel
Ancora White Finishing Float240mm x 100mmBlue Handle Ancora White Finishing Float
BOAT SHAPED FINISHING FLOAT350mm x 200mmWhite styrene float
Diamond Pattern Finishing Float270mm x 140mmPointed
Diamond Pattern Finishing Float270mm x 180mmRectangular – Small
Diamond Pattern Finishing Float350mm x 270mmRectangular – Medium
Diamond Pattern Finishing Float420mm x 260mmRectangular – Large
Diamond Pattern Finishing Float440mm x 150mmLong
Spiral Mixer130mm *limited stock*
Feather Edge Darby1.5m x 110mm*limited stock*
Texture Hopper Gun5L or 8LUsed to spray various Quickwall finishes
Quickwall Mixing Pail20 LitresQuickwall Mixing Pail
Marco Pesaro Rubbing Block200mm x 90mm x 40mmRubbing Block
Flow-King TapSuit 50mm BSP
Wasp Heavy Duty Floor Scraper200mm & 300mmHeavy Duty Floor Scraper

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