Cement rendering is a popular decorative and protective finish that is widely used across the construction industry. Whether it’s a modern home or an older building in need of a facelift, cement render is the ideal way to improve aesthetic appeal as well as protect the existing substrate.

Quickwall’s cement render finishes come in 20kg bags and contain a blend of sands and cements, along with various cement additives to improve workability, durability and provide flexibility. Most of our cement render range requires the addition of our advanced wet Polymer additive, which further enhances the quality of the render and ensures it will adhere to all substrates.

Developed in the wet tropics, Quickwall’s range of cement-based renders are made to withstand Australia’s harshest climates. Whether you’re on the coast, live in high humidity or simply want a render that will go the distance, our products won’t let you down!

Our Cement Render Coating / Texture Finishes

Our renders have been tried and tested for over 25 years. Initially designed for use in saltwater swimming pools, they are made to withstand the toughest conditions. We’re confident yours will remain in excellent condition long after its application. There are several texture finishes to choose from, allowing you to customise it to suit your style and architecture.

Traditional Render

Traditional render is a versatile finish suitable for multiple applications, such as bagging over bricks or blocks, sponging or steel trowel finish. It can be used as a thin filament coating (e.g. Skimcoat base coats), or as a higher build screed finish of up to 12mm with excellent holding properties.


Quicksand is a tough two-part polymer modified mineral based material that bonds to practically any substrate. It provides excellent coverage, is easy to use and will not go drummy or delaminate like sand and cement render often does. Is also available in a full acrylic option.

Quick Trowel

Quick Trowel is a popular up-market finish available in a choice of a tough, durable, permanent two-part mineral/polymer system or in a full acrylic system. The final finish is by plastic trowel, which delivers a smooth, flat, joint-free finish. Quick Trowel is attractive and long-lasting, for residential or commercial projects.


This cement render mimics the face of a freshly cut block of sandstone. A seamless and modern, yet ageless, decorative and protective wall coating system. We offer this finish in a choice of a tough, durable permanent two-part mineral/polymer system or in a full acrylic system.

Plaster Plus

Similar to a sponge finished (scrub fine) render in appearance,Plaster Plus is a 2 pack polymer modified mineral blended plaster.

Plaster Plus / White

Similar to a sponge finished (scrub fine) render in appearance, Plaster Plus White is a 2 pack polymer modified mineral blended plaster.

Our Cement Render Is An Attractive Coating That Lasts

When it comes to cement render, Quickwall is your company of choice. We’re the experts when it comes to decorative, durable render mixes that cope with Australia’s harsh climate. Formulated to withstand the wet tropics, our renders are made to last no matter where you are located. Whether you’re bagging over masonry blocks, wish to cover an existing brick façade, or want to render split faced blocks, we have a product to suit. The exterior coating is the face of a big investment, being a new home or commercial project. Builders, designers, architects and DIY renovators use our coatings time and time again, because they know our cement renders last. Quickwall quality finishes:

  • Will not delaminate, peel or blister like other acrylic coatings.
  • Are guaranteed not to go drummy like sand/cement render often does.
  • Provide superior bond to the substrate that is not affected by moisture or humidity.
  • Provide no nutrients for termites.
  • Exterior two part systems can be applied to dry or wet substrates. No loss of time waiting for walls to dry.
  • Dry quickly and can generally be painted 48 hours after application.
  • Are able to be applied in a wide range of temperatures, from 10°C through to 45°C.

Quickwall top coat finishes are offered in either cement based (mineral) or in 100% acrylic selections and both come with industry guarantees. Our selected range of mineral coatings are now supported by an extended warranty from 10 to 15 years* through our loyal approved applicator network.

Traditional Render

20kg bags


20kg bags

Quick Trowel

20kg bags


20kg bags


20kg bags

Plaster Plus

20kg bags

Fibre Reinforced Cement

20kg bags

Quick Spray

20kg bags

Q.W. Polymer:

4L pails,  10L pails, 20L pails + 200L drums


Quickwall offers a range of premium UV stable oxides that can be added to our white based, mineral finishes such as Quickwall Plaster Plus White. Plaster Plus can be finished to a fine, sponge finish, or by varying the trowel and application technique, it can achieve an Adobe, Santa Fe natural render look.

These renders do not require painting but will need to be sealed with Quickwall Clear Seal to protect them from staining and oxide fading. Oxide coloured renders are a specialised finish that look great when incorporated into the right design. Oxide tinted renders are deliberately designed to look rustic and aged and will produce colour variations depending on the application technique used.

Oxide tinted renders are not recommended as an alternative to painting, they are a specialised finish and should only be selected when this specific look is desired.

Quickwall Cement Render Coating Frequently Asked Questions

What Quickwall products are most suitable for bagging over core filled besser blocks?

What system can be used to cover an existing brick façade with deep brick joints?

We recommend Quickwall High Build Skimcoat or Quickwall Traditional Render Coarse followed by a selected Quickwall Render top coat, then paint surface with Quickwall Aquaseal membrane

Can you recommend a good Hopper Gun to spray on cement render?

We recommend a Spears & Jackson gravity fed hopper gun. See Quickwall Application Tools page. For current pricing contact our sales department.

Our house has split faced blocks, does Quickwall have a product suitable, bearing in mind that some blocks may protrude anywhere up to 40mm?

Yes, Quickwall manufacture a High Build Skimcoat designed for rough surfaces. When rendering splitface blocks we use a bolster to remove the large protrusions, then apply the High Build Skimcoat. 2 or 3 coats will be required, then apply the required texture finish followed by 2 coats of paint.

I am renovating an existing masonry block home. I would like exterior walls to have a rendered appearance. Is it possible to prep painted surfaces and then overcoat, or does all of the paint need to be removed prior to painting?

No you do not need to remove the existing paint, with some proper preparation and adjustments to the polymer ratios, Quickwall Render can be applied directly to the painted surface. For information please view our Guide to Applying Quickwall Coating System to a Painted Surface.

How long must Quickwall Cement cure before applying paint?

Quickwall render cures in 48 hours.

What is your most suitable cement product for spraying architectural shapes made of EPS foam?

Quickwall Skimcoat at 2:1 Polymer or Quickwall FRC at 2:1 Polymer.

How can I remove Quickwall Cement inadvertently spilt on some paving stones used to cap a retaining wall?

Quickwall Cement is designed not to delaminate from a surface if not removed immediately, however a 3000 PSI water blaster may help.

At what temperature range can the Quickwall Coating System be applied?

Quickwall render coating system can be applied between a cool 10° – 40° C in tropical areas. Ideally work on the shaded walls and at the coolest time of the day to aid application. The product was initially designed for the tropics, and performs well in humid or dry conditions.

Is Quickwall Cement Render suitable for use in Coastal areas?

Quickwall Cement Render was initially designed for use in the most aggressive environment – the salt water swimming pool. It is still heavily used in the coastal areas of North Queensland.

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